Finding a truly long-lasting effective anti-penetration paint for propellers is quite difficult, knowing that propellers are the hardest parts to maintain cleanliness.

How does Crystal Prop work?

Antifouling paints, in fact, not only have difficulty applying the paint, but also separate due to friction created by the water current. Crystal Prop therefore has the same characteristics as related paints applied to the hull, with the difference that no layer of primer is required for adhesion to the surfaces to which it is applied, and at the same time it has an excellent anti-galvanic effect against corrosion.

The main feature that distinguishes Crystal Prop from other products is its greater adhesion. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for application to mechanical parts for protection against propeller cavitation.

Crystal Boat has the advantage of being compatible with all types of metals.

This product has been available for several years and is used on motor boats.

The rotation of the propeller and the shaft treated with Crystal Prop cause the impurities to separate and slip very easily. In this way, the treated surfaces are cleaned each time the engine is started.


The Crystal Prop kit consists of two bottles containing paint and a hardener, which must be combined in a ratio of 1: 1. For proper mixing, it is necessary to shake the bottle containing paint very well.

Crystal Prop must be applied in one coat.

The color is thick and smooth. The application is very simple, because thanks to the good consistency of the product, no annoying streams are created. The second coat is unnecessary.