ISO 484/2 standard

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1981 the ISO, or the International Standards Organization, established standards for the manufacture of propellers. This enabled propellers quality qualification. In order to compare the quality, almost all propellers (if it’s not damaged) satisfying Class III. Manufacturer mainly produce Class II propellers, while the propellers Class I and lass S are the propellers of the high quality, eliminating vibrations. Every boat owner will be satisfied with Class I and Class S propeller (off course, if match diameter and pitch)

Anyone who expects maximum and optimum performance from his boat (vessel), should aspire to have a Class I or Class S propeller. With a proper and optimized propeller, vibration will disappear and the power used to shake the boat will now be used to push the boat. The result is a threefold gain. More speed, less fuel, and a smoother ride.



Manufacturing Accuracy


ISO 484/2


Very High Accuracy

Vrlo visoka točnost


High Accuracy

Visoka točnost


Medium Accuracy

Srednja točnost


Wide Tolerancy

Široka tolerancija


Dozvoljene tolerancije

Class S I II III
a) Local Pitch Pitch of one portion of one blade
(korak jednog djela lopatice)
± 1.5% ± 2% ± 3%
b) Section Pitch Mean pitch of one radii of one blade
(korak,na jednom radijusu lopatice)
± 1% ± 1.5% ± 2% ± 5%
c) Blade Pitch Mean pitch of one blade
(korak jedne,lopatice)
± 0.75% ± 1% ± 1.5% ± 4%
d) Propeller Pitch Mean pitch of all blades
(srednji,korak svih lopatica)
± 0.5% ± 0.75% ± 1% ± 3%

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