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Monday, May 04, 2015

REPAIRS: PROPELLER TUGBOAT WILBUR   — 4 blade propeller dia 115” x 90”Pitch RH

As managers of tug boat Wilbur we were having vibration problems which found their origin in a damage which occurred by a towing wire which by accident got into the propeller.

This towing wire was cut, however a damage was noted to one of the blades, as could be observed one of the blades had a severe bend.

Due to operational reasons, tug boat could not immediately being docked for repair, and decision was taken by technical manager to operate tug boat till next foreseen dry docking, however operation at a safe (reduced) speed, not to cause harm to machinery on board.

With planned dry docking several companies where consulted but as to the time frame and capabilities best option directed us as to contract the company ADRIATIC PROPELERI to carry out the repair works to the damaged propeller.

Tug boat was docked at Senegal (September 2014) – Dakarnave shipyard , where yard was in charge to dismantle and fit the propeller after repair.

Full repair time for the propeller took 7 days, and was successful carried out.  Propeller was fully measured prior start and after finish of the repairs, and compared with the original values. Balancing was carried out as to the rules.

Sea trial was performed after the dry docking, at different speeds, engine nominal speed and no abnormal vibration was monitored. We observed a significant increase on the speed.

We concluded repairs were successfully carried out to our full satisfaction.

We would highly recommend specialist company ADRIATIC PROPELERI for any propeller repairs.

Sincerely Yours,

R. Macka
Fleet Manager
Maritec NV

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