Prop Scan

Prop Scan® is a revolutionary marine propeller inspection system that enables propellers to be re-manufactured, modifies and optimized to very high levels of accuracy.

Prop Scan® technology ensures propeller accuracy and quality because it enables our technicians to tune your propeller to the highest standards, adhering to ISO 484/2 tolerances. We will also be able to accurately measure the pitch on your propellers to within .001”, which means that your propeller, new or repaired, will be a minimum of ISO 484/2 Class 1 or a Class S pitch tolerance.

Depends of the class, Prop Scan Technicians at Adriatic Propeleri measure and compare a minimum of 4 radii (maximum of 10) and 16 local areas on each blade of your propeller to determine local pitch, section pitch, blade pitch and propeller pitch.

Prop Scan determines inaccuracies in propeller pitch, camber and elevations that are undetectable to the naked eye which gives a Prop Scan technician the power to remove these inconsistencies, increasing the performance and comfort of your vessel.

Adriatic propellers guarantee results. With our knowledge and equipment, we can tailor your propeller to fit your boat perfectly, which will increase efficiency, increase speed, and consume less fuel.

Your boat requires an efficient propeller for optimum performance. Do not be satisfied with traditional guessing propeller.

Prop Scan® technology achieves:

• Increase speed
• Reduction of fuel consumption
• Vibration removal
• Synchronization of two motors
• Improving ship operability
• Reduction of CO2 emissions