SOLASOLV – Anti-Glare Sunscreens

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SOLASOLV” Transparent Anti-Glare Sunscreens are the only transparent anti-glare sunscreens in the world that are Type Approved for marine use by FOUR major type approval bodies – Lloyds, DNV-GL, ABS and RINA. They are a proven safety aid when installed at navigation windows, reducing glare and heat caused by the sun to create a safer, more comfortable operational environment.

SOLASOLV® screens reduce up to 93% of glare and reflection from the sun and are ideal for windows on the navigation bridge, wheelhouse, control rooms, observation operation rooms, and any windows where it is vital that navigators and operators have a completely clear outside view. They are also effective at rejecting glare that reflects off ice and snow and low winter sun.

By rejecting up to 87% of the sun’s heat SOLASOLV’5′ screens create a pleasant and comfortable working environment on the bridge.

There are different types of blinds and roller blinds – Casslite variants are provided for crew and passenger cabins, Dimmlite is for salons, while Litetite is recommended for kitchens.


Benefits of the SOLASOLV sunscreens include:

  • Improved visibility and safety – optimal glare protection with up to a 95% reduction to ensure clear visibility and a safer working environment True colour rendition so navigation marks and objects can be easily identified.
  • Reduced eye strain – problems with glare and reflection on electronic charts, radar screens and control panels are eliminated.
  • Create a more comfortable working environment and reduce air conditioning requirements – up to 87%of the sun’s heat is rejected so staff, operators and controllers are more alert.
  • Protect exposed areas of the body – at least 98% of harmful UV light is filtered.
  • Save fuel, save money and reduce CG2 emissions on board marine vessels – Less demand is placed on bridge air-conditioning systems which require additional fuel consumption to run so environmentally conscious fleet owners can benefit from fuel savings resulting in lower costs.
  • Be Green – Up to 81% in power cost savings per year can be made for larger vessels.
  • Reliable performance – proven track record for outstanding performance since 1967.
  • Comply with marine regulations – ISO 8468, M Notice 760, MSSN No. 1419 1998.
  • Quality assured products – all products are manufactured in the UK using high quality components,SOLASAFE screens have a 7-year warranty.
  • Quality assured company – quality approved manufacturer.
  • Choice of shade film colours – gold, silver, grey and bronze.
  • Choice of aluminium profile colours – 400+ shades/colours.
  • Choice of operating systems – manual, electric, automatic, battery.
  • Suitable for any type of vessel from cruise ships to tugs.
  • Custom made to order to your exact dimensions and specifications.
  • Fast despatch – normally within 5 days but a same day” service is available.
  • Simple to use, quick and easy to install in one complete unit with comprehensive instructions.
  • Discreet cassette profile – neat light-weight and unobtrusive headbox incorporating a wipe clean’ brush system”.
  • Free spare parts with every order for peace of mind.

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